Hire Your Child Care Provider in 3 Easy Steps

Step I


Sign up on the QuickSitter app.

Once you've downloaded the QuickSitter app from the Google Play Store (iPhone version coming soon), simply click on the Parent tab and sign up.

Step II


 Request a Sitter. 

Once you're ready to request a child care provider, simply fill out the details of your New Request, and receive a notification when your child care provider accepts your request. You can view your sitter's profile before they arrive, and once you confirm the sitter booking, the sitter will arrive at the time you designated. 

Step III


 Your sitter arrives.

 We suggest you schedule your sitter to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the time you need to leave. This way, you can go over important information and special instructions prior to you leaving. Then go enjoy yourself, feeling that your children are safe and happy while you're away.