F.A.Q's About the Best Child Care Provider App

Are QuickSitter's Everywhere?

Q: In what locations are QuickSitters available?  

A: We currently have child care providers available in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. However, we are rapidly growing, so if you live in another market and are interested in booking a QuickSitter or becoming a sitter, please send us a note.

Can I Pick my QuickSitter?

Q: Am I able to select the sitter I want from the app?
A: Our goal is to make the babysitting process as simple as possible. Therefore, we do all the work for you - we pre-screen, conduct background checks and verify previous experience for all QuickSitters to ensure we have the best sitters on the team. Any sitter you get is guaranteed to be well qualified.

How Much Advanced Notice do QuickSitters need?

Q: How far in advance should I book a sitter before I need them to babysit?
A: We specialize in short-notice bookings, so a couple of hours notice or less is all you need. However, you're able to book a sitter as soon as you'd like, to ensure you get a sitter at your desired time.

Contracts or Membership Fees?

Q: Are there any contracts or membership fees required to use QuickSitter?
A: No, there are no contracts or membership fees to use QuickSitter. You simply pay for the number of hours you need a sitter.

What if a QuickSitter Cancels?

Q: What if a sitter has to cancel and is unable to come babysit?
A: Sitters are required to let parents and QuickSitter staff know immediately if an emergency arises that causes them to cancel. Your sitter request will be re-distributed amongst the other sitters in an effort to ensure you still have a sitter arrive at your desired time.

What if I need more time or come back early?

Q: Since we prepay for a sitter, what if we need them to stay longer, or if we return early, how do we make up the difference in payment?
A: We understand plans sometimes change, so no worries if you need to get home a little later than planned. If you plan to be more than an hour late, we ask that you let your sitter know, and we will charge you for the additional time using the credit card we have on file for you. Unfortunately, if you return early, we are unable to reimburse you for the time, as your sitter has committed herself for the entire duration that you requested, without the ability to accept any other requests during that time.